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To reach their unique and very individual potential children need to be understood, nurtured, confident and see themselves

as successful learners.

Individual Learning at Set 4 School:

  • Solo, duo and trio sessions are available for Preschoolers and School aged children (Primary and High) during and after school hours
  • Recognises each child as a unique individual with individual learning needs
  • Develops strengths and supports weaknesses (understands learning styles)
  • Is very familiar with how a child’s emotional development and skills influences his/her learning and ability to achieve success
  • Offers a concrete, active, multi-sensory approach to learning
  • Employs teaching strategies that are direct and focused
  • Provides sessions that are planned especially for each child
  • Values life-long learning and laying firm foundations
  • Nurtures and understands children who have a diagnosis or identification
  • Helps children who may be challenged by a brain that feels, understands, learns and achieves success differently
  • Is informed by the Australian Curriculum
  • Understands the importance of the skill development needed for reading, writing and working with numbers
  • Encourages and advises each child and his/her family
  • Works with children's schools and teachers via school visits, observation reports and communication with children's teachers
  • Refers children and their families to other education experts and/or specialists when necessary
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